The Bodyshop

New Concept Store and Rebranding

Concept store design / Retail / International / 2015 / Project lead & Designer / TUX

The Bodyshop, a brand owned by L'Oreal, was seeking to develop a new concept store design which would express the brand’s re-alignment and new creative direction. Over the years, the brand grew successfully, expanding internationally. But through this expansion, the brand got diluted. The main question that drove the process was how to keep what’s true to the original brand and heritage from the 70’s, including values such as sustainability, activism, positive attitude, while updating the general look and feel to respect the brand's new packaging and updated logo. Moreover, as it is a well-implemented L'Oreal brand, the solution had to be an adaptable concept at a global scale.

TUX used inspiring analogies of "le comptoir des colonies" and the "fine grocecy" (ou l'épicerie fine) to create a holistic experience, both sensorial and informative by re-interpretating evocative furniture and ambiances that relate to those themes.
These analogies also helped in displaying the product’s origins and source, which is a key element of the brand's values.

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