1milliondance studio

Dance school and Management studio offices

Seoul, South Korea / 2020 / Environmental & experiential designer lead / TUX

This project consisted of giving life and materiality to 1MillionDance Studio’s re-branding, a dance school and studio known for its millions of Youtube followers, and its edgy, passionate, and talented teachers and choreographers. We’ve taken the clean and modern canvas the local firm Wise Architecture had elaborated and transformed it into a space where the choreographers and dance students could take ownership of, experiment in it, and express their creativity through it. The ambiance exudes urban coolness, youth, and dynamism. Each corner becomes a stage for a dance practice, a set to test out a new choreography, or a new backdrop for a video clip - the perfect digital content generator.

    • Project Type: Environmental & Experiential Design for a Dance School and a Management Studio 
    • Project Location: Seoul, South Korea 
    • Completion: January 2020 
    • Surface area: 2,500 square meters
    • Client: 1MILLION Dance (https://1milliondance.com/ target="_blank">www.1milliondance.com/) & Management Studio (https://agency.1milliondance.com/) 

    • Project Designer: TUX Creative (http://tux.co
    • Environmental and Experiential Designer Lead: Sarah Tu, TUX Creative
    • Graphic Designer: Lian Benoit, TUX Creative ( https://www.behance.net/lianbenoit)
    • 3D Artist: Christian Gervais, TUX Creative (www.behance.net/christiangervais)

    • Architecture Firm: Wise Architecture (http://wisearchitecture.com/)
    • Lighting Specialist Consultant: EONSLD (http://www.eonsld.com/)
    • Professional Photos: Yoonsung Kwon/권윤성 (https://www.instagram.com/kwonyoonsung/)

    • Project Description: The first two levels include 2 large dance studios, changing rooms and lockers to accommodate over 120 students at a time, modulable installations that can be used as merchandise display and as resting spots for the students, a welcome/registration area, and a lounge area. The third and fourth levels are dedicated to 1MILLION management studio and employees’ offices and include a professional photography studio. The base building, layout and façade were conceived by a local architecture firm. TUX’s environmental and experiential interventions complement the building’s architecture and help express the brand’s revived image.

please feel free to contact me at hello@sarahtu.com :)