My education in architecture and in ephemeral design (scenography, exhibition design, festivals…) , my personal interests in art and fashion, and my past experience in retail brought me to a unique professional position as a Senior Environmental & Experiential Designer, specialized in retail, and Project Manager today. My non-purist approach to architecture is founded by a holistic perception of what design can be, whether built or non-built, allowing for a multi-scale and multi-disciplinary creative method. 

Questions such as how to communicate a brand's values into the built environment and how to reinvent IRL user experience are part of my daily diet. I aim at bringing solutions with a keen sense of aesthetics, functionality, and ever-renewed originality. Beyond my conceptual skills, I value both brands’ specific needs and my teammate’s respective strengths as to strategically develop the most refined projects.


Feel free to reach me at or +1 (514) 839-1045.

please feel free to contact me at :)