Centre UP

A paperless Pediatric Clinic

Montreal / 2018-2019 / Project Manager / Environmental & Experiential Designer Lead / TUX

Clinic UP stands for Centre d’Urgence Pédiatrique (Center for Pediatric Emergencies in French). This 360 ° project focuses on defining a new genre of medical environment, which aims at dedramatizing the patients experience and at enhancing cross-pollination, brainstorming and teaming up among the staff, both doctors, nurses, and medical residents alike.

The overall creative direction of the clinic aims at a sophisticated take on a pediatric clinic, by letting go of the conventional “children” imagery (no animals, no fluff, no rainbows, no puzzles with missing pieces...), and by pushing forward a futuristic look, with LED details and stainless steel finishes. The use of wood, curvy geometries, and greenery adds warmth and playfulness to the interior design.

In order to improve the patients experience of an emergency unit, the main welcome/waiting area is a naturally-lit and uncluttered open-space, inducing a calm setting for arriving patients. Unlike a common clinic, there is no traditional “welcome counter” - a common frustration build-up spot, both for stressed parents and for over-solicited receptionists. Instead, parents and receptionist can discuss side-by-side on loungy high-tables while the kids immerse themselves in the giant book shelf filled with books and quirky accessories. To further break from the classic clinic, there is no generic uncomfortable plastic chair - but rather custom curvylinear benches. 

Moreover, taking an apppointment online and checking-in with their mobile phones (or at the self-registration kiosk) facilitates the patients experience, and makes Centre UP a one-of-a-kind paperless clinic. 

Finally, design considerations were put into the employees zone to create an environment for academic and research collaborations among the staff - hence the giant drawing walls acting as graph boards in the medical hub and the conference room. 

Environmental & Experiential Design: Virginie Gagnon
Brand Creative Direction: Charlène Sepentzis, TUX
Graphic Design: Jason Gélina, TUX

3D simulations


Design research : variation 1

Design research : variation 2

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