Courtepointes fleury 

Urban installation

Design competition / Collectif Giasson Hardy Ianniciello Proulx Tu SENC / 2016

Winning project

The concept of this winning proposition consists in implementing a semi-permanent design concept to enhance La Promenade Fleury. The aim is not to transform the physical shape of the street, but rather to enhance Fleury Street East by improving the users’ experience and creating a friendly, unifying and distinctive setting for residents, shoppers and workers.

This project was divided into three phases : 
  1. Call for proposals - Anonymous and open to all designers
  2. Public presentation by 4 finalists
  3. Project development (desig-build) by winning team

The design competition was bilaterally launched by the Société de développement commercial Promenade Fleury (SDC Promenade Fleury) and Bureau Design Montréal (which has the mandate, among other, to support public commissions in design since Montreal’s designation as a UNESCO City of Design).

The SDC Promenade Fleury is a non profit organisation bringing together the business community (merchants, professionals and service companies)of a small and neighbourhood commerical artery call Fleury East. The local businesses of the Promenade Fleury had the desireto promote the local shops to Greater Montreal by enhancing the urban experience, both for pedestrians and drivers. 

The project was also supported by l’Arrondissement Ahuntsic-Cartierville (the neighbourhood’s district). 

phase 1: call for proposal

29 anonymous creative proposals

The mains inspiration of the Courtepointes Fleury project is the quilt such as its french name describes it.

The quilt evokes a sense of history as well as a sense of the community. Indeed, quilts were frequently made to commemorate major life events, such as marriages, and they were fabricated by and for different family members.

Submitted board for Phase 1

phase 2: public presentation

4 finalists

As one of the four finalists selected among 29 submitted proposals, we had to push furthermore the concept as a branded experience and also develop its technical and pragmatic aspects. This phase included a summary feasibility study (proposed construction details and fabrication process) and a budget estimate. 

In terms of branded experience, the question we asked ourselves was : how to create a narrative and playful element that would unify the whole commercial artery and transform it as a unique experience within Montreal. 

Our response was inspired by the history of the Promenade Fleury and the neighbourhood’s anecdotes. Twelve spots along the commercial artery were identified and associated with a historical or an anecdotal piece. 

Urban intervention

Street view simulation

Mechanism for evolutive graphiccontent in the upper part and interactive content for pedestrians in the lower part

phase 3: implementation

Winning proposal

"The project focuses on excitement rather than functional accommodation. This stance, and the concept’s dominant playful character won the jury over unanimously." - Excerpts from the jury’s report
It took almost a year after the unveiling of the winning team to develop the project and implement it IRL. The team wouldn’t have made without the dedicated parters in fabrication and installation: Atelier Gris and Jack World

The overall result is a series of urban markers, instagrammable backdrops for families and kids, and an open-air museum where the public can learn more about the history of the neighbourhood. 

For the commercial community, the Courtepointes Fleury has become a device to start fun contests and instagate conversations with the general public. 

Photography credit: Maxime Brouillet

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