Dermalogica Stand

Ephemeral Stand for the ABA Tradeshow

Stand design / Skincare brand/ Montréal / 2016 / Co-designer / TUX

ABA Tradeshow at the Palais des Congrès, Montreal
Project Manager: Laurent Guez
Co-designer: Cécile Pélissier

Award winner for Stand design, Grand Prix du Design 10th Edition : More info here

The mandate was to create a stand showcasing the brand image and the brand values of Dermalogica, among a large sea of other skincare and haircare brands. The main goal was to generate a “wow” effect among the visitors of the tradeshow, dedicated to a variety of professionals. 

In order to create the greatest effect with a very minimal budget, paper was used as the main medium. Put together in a poetic and elegant aerial composition, the paper created a floating sculpture above the stand, evoking qualities such as finesse, richness and softness, which are found in Dermalogica’s skincare products. 

The elaboration of such a canopy was strategic in other aspects since it allowed the stand to attract the visitors attention from far and to leave the ground space for the interactions between the beauty experts and the visitors.

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