Pride by converse

In-store pop-up activation for Pride
Soho, NYC / 2020 - cancelled due to Covid / Project Manager + Environmental & Experiential Designer Lead / TUX

For Pride 2020, Converse wanted to celebrate and support the pride movement with a limited shoe and apparel collection.

Based on the creative direction and the campaign set by Converse, we created a in-store pop-up activation putting forward the influencers representing each colour of the pride flag and their personal stories. The use of translucent material in layers conveys depth and dimensionality to the experience.

The mandate also requested to format the concept in various retail scales and the production of a brand guideline for the campaign and the in-store activation.

Scope of work:
    • Client management
    • Internal team management (art director, graphic designer, environmental & experiential designer, 3D artist)
    • Creative direction (moodboard, concept, flow/consumer journey, layout)
    • Conceptual and technical proposition for custom-design installation and millwork
    • Architectural brand guideline

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