Salon Glam

Interior renovation of a hair salon

Interior design / Old Montréal / 2015 / Designer / TUX

Project Manager : Laurent Guez
Design lead : Nathan Nardin

The mandate was to firstly freshen up the existing hair salon, which opened five years prior, in the heart of Old Montreal, and secondly, to optimize certains problematic areas specified by the owners, such as the welcome area, the cloakroom, and the coloration bar.  

The goal was to achieve an overall elegant look and feel, both timeless and contemporary, by putting forward the existing architectural componants such as the wooden beams, the decorative copper tiles, and the old masonry inserts, distinctive to Old Montreal, and by adding modern, jet-black architectural components, such as the black mat opaque cube for the cloakroom and a translucent cube made of smoked glass for the colour bar. Painting the classic red brick and the wooden floor in white lightened up the space and helped showcase these architectural features. 

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